Silicon Sense : Connects semiconductor materials and custom foundry fabrication technologies


From prototype to high volume wafers, Silicon Sense has been providing semiconductor companies, national research laboratories and universities globally with standard and custom manufactured silicon wafers.

Silicon Sense specializes in supplying small diameter Silicon wafers for the semiconductor, optics and other major industries. Silicon Sense also represents Carbodeon, Hellma Materials and ULO Optics.

Silicon Sense
Products and services
Test grade, prime grade and custom semiconductor Silicon wafers.
Small diameters (1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and 100 mm).
Custom thickness from 30 microns to 3000+ microns.
Non-standard orientations.

Products and services
Ultra-dispersed diamonds (or nanodiamonds) uDiamond® liquid dispersions, suspensions and powders
Nicanite® graphitic Carbon Nitride for films and coatings.
Superhard nanomaterials

Hellma Materials
Products and services
Calcium Fluoride and Barium Fluoride in the form of rods, blanks, lenses, prisms and custom shapes.
Ytterbium doped CaF2 laser crystals.
Scintillation crystals: Cerium Bromide
Calcium Fluoride: Europium doped
Barium Fluoride
Large diameters > 400 mm, long-term technical expertise and strong customer focus.

ULO Optics
Products and services
Zinc Selenide and Zinc Sulfide in the form of blanks, lenses, windows and cylinders.
Generated blanks 15 mm to 150 mm for thermal imaging.

We can accommodate small and large quantity requests with diverse specification requirements. If you do not see a product listed, give us a call or simply fill out the request for quote form. Our representatives are ready to assist you!